Our Values - DE MOI

DE MOI contributes to the large and complex sustainability ecosystem by structuring strategies that help identify the brand's strengths and criticalities toward responsible consumerism. It follows a path of development and continuous improvement drawing strength from the flywheel of credibility, seriousness and reputation inherited and cultivated over the years of its existence by understanding the mechanisms of nature and reproducing them into effective products. The brand underscores its social impact and continuously evaluates the benefits of its products for its users, producers, and society as a whole.

DE MOI also creates synergies between conscious consumers and sustainable products in the beauty sector. This is all in the name of safeguarding the environment, preserving ethical work, employing vegan and organic ingredients and reducing the amount of plastic packaging waste. Parabens, triclosan, sulfates, and other toxic chemicals and fillers have been replaced with nourishing alternatives including Swiss-formulated Alpha Arbutin, Hyaluronic Acid (2%), powerful antioxidants, and time-tested skin-illuminating and anti-aging botanicals.

DE MOI takes pride in its investment to create a virtuous circle between economic growth and doing good for the planet, in being part of a community that realizes the liveability needs of collaborators and the population, bringing eco-sustainability to the forefront and enhancing the surrounding resources by spreading positive values ​​and motivation to achieve green and clean beauty. A guarantee of continuity with a harmonious development plan of rediscovering our well-being, putting more emphasis and growing determination towards innovation, responsibility, and sustainability.