Our Commitment - The Conscious Beauty Movement

From Vanity to Self-Care
What does it mean to take care of yourself? A lot of people consider self-care as a selfish attitude and a sign of vanity. There are still those who insist that self-care is optional and non-essential that can be easily done without because there are more important priorities and commitments.

How wrong and harmful is it for your present and above all for your future lifestyle if there is no room to give yourself time to feel good and feel beautiful?

Self-care consists in loving and being kind to yourself. This requires a deep understanding of your needs and awareness of the weight your daily actions have. Self-care includes all those activities that make us feel good. But this does not mean that whatever makes us feel good is positive: there are behaviors that are objectively harmful to the environment.

DE MOI understands the heartfelt and current issue that has led to a real revolution: disrupting the world of beauty, converting to an ecological sense, and consistently taking measures to reduce our impact on the environment.

Join our journey that starts with your well-being and the environment. There might be unattainable ideals of beauty, but we are taking a completely new approach to beauty. Beauty is moving towards a sustainable future and normalizing social impact.

Conscious Consumerism
DE MOI’s goal is to raise consumer awareness in the beauty industry because, without conscious and critical consumption, there can be no sustainable production. DE MOI has always designed products to meet changing customer needs while lowering the industry's environmental impact.

We provide cruelty-free, socially relevant, and environmentally responsible products. We value natural ingredients, recyclable or sustainable packaging, and an emphasis on the entire manufacturing chain.

DE MOI recognizes the benefits of moving toward more sustainable models. But conscious consumption requires a rethinking and reintegration of market activity—a rediscovery of the role of different stakeholders and the reorientation of markets and free trade, with a focus on the good of society.

Sustainability 360
DE MOI’s consistent sustainability effort is a conscious decision to ensure the brand’s continuity and stability over time. We believe that sustainability today is a much less “aesthetic” perspective than in the past and looks more like a concrete issue of “redesign.”

This is where the process of change begins, inspired by a balanced coexistence between economic objectives and respect for the environment, ambitions and progress, and between development and social responsibility.

It is our ecological mission to contribute to the development of sustainable beauty. A mission that is not dictated by greenwashing or the desire to appease the conscience.

DE MOI brings clean, safe, and environmentally friendly formulas to be more than a plus added to products, becoming a fundamental feature, and part of the DNA of the brand. The commitment is clear: to make informed choices and reduce your beauty footprint.

DE MOI’s CEO Demee Koch shares her expertise in conscious entrepreneurship.
She also supports various charity organizations working to improve the lives of others like the Voice of the Free, a hybrid organization that combines social care, social entrepreneurship, and mobilizing social movements to achieve lasting social change.

Koch, has also joined the Breaking Silence Movement a private, non-profit organization that fights gender-based violence as a board member.

A DE MOI fund has been established to help all nonprofit organizations the company collaborates with.