Our Story - DE MOI

DE MOI is a Swiss company that manufactures cruelty-free, socially relevant, and ecologically friendly products made with the moral principles of fairness and honesty. It has more than two decades of combined industry experience covering everything about a beauty brand—from the science of making products to branding and making customers happy.

The brand is increasingly focusing on the development of sustainable products, which are designed to fulfill the changing needs of customers while simultaneously reducing the industry's environmental effects. DE MOI believes that products manufactured with natural ingredients and aimed toward environmental sustainability are in high demand. Natural ingredients, recyclable or sustainable packaging and a focus on the entire manufacturing chain are of utmost importance.

Everybody wants to look and feel good. DE MOI wants clients to not only look and feel good but also to make the world a better place to live in. DE MOI aims to be the catalyst in bringing positive change into the world by creating awareness on spending consciously on products that give back to society while making sure that these products do not harm the animals and the environment. DE MOI's product line is devoid of harsh chemicals and generally eco-friendly, which makes a major difference, according to those who have tried them.

DE MOI has quickly grown its business and taken over the shelves of many beauty product stores around the world. Demee Koch, the CEO of 'DE Moi,' launched the company in 2018 to follow her dual passions of manufacturing high-quality beauty products and leading numerous humanitarian initiatives that grabbed her attention. Her more than two decades in the profession have paid off as she has built a global brand. 

DE MOI promotes the concept of conscious beauty. There is beauty in power, and the best part of power is that it allows people to do beautiful things. That’s exactly what DE MOI intends to do — to empower its clients to do beautiful things for themselves and the environment.