We are a Swiss company that manufactures cruelty-free, socially relevant and ecologically friendly products made with the moral principles of fairness and honesty. It has more than two decades of combined industry experience covering everything about a beauty brand—from the science of making products to branding and making customers happy.

Everybody wants to look and feel good. But DE MOI wants clients to not only look and feel good but also to make the world a better place to live in. DE MOI aims to be the catalyst in bringing positive change into the world by creating awareness on spending consciously on products that give back to the society while making sure that these products do not harm the animals and the environment.

DE MOI was born out of passion for spreading happiness and love. Founder Demee Koch believes in beauty inside and out. She found beauty from her hometown of Cebu in the Philippines to her meanderings around the world, to the home she found in Zurich, Switzerland. But throughout her rich experiences, she discovered that beauty is magnified when it emanates from the inside and radiates on the outside.

DE MOI makes products that brighten up your look and brighten up other people’s lives!

There is beauty in power, and the best part of power is that it allows people to do beautiful things. That’s exactly what DE MOI intends to do — to empower its clients to do beautiful things.

Demee Koch has always had the intense desire to help the underprivileged people. She has been doing charity work since 2001. When she became a mother, she continued to spread the love with the help of her boys, whom she gifted with the devotion to serve and the mind for charity. Koch brought her charity work to her hometown of Cebu and occasionally to Bali in Indonesia. She also helps other charity events and organizations. She does medical and dental missions with her family and makes donations to improve other people’s lives.

DE MOI believes in investing in people with the aim of empowering these same people to pay it forward. One important sector in the society that we know would do handle power and beauty best are the single mothers. Single mothers have double the work with only one set of hands. DE MOI aims to be the single mother’s extra hands to end physical, emotional, mental and financial struggle. And these empowered women, will in turn become the extra hands of those in need. DE MOI has the notion that help could go a long way in healing a society, a nation and the world.

DE MOI products and principles are always evolving to serve our customers better.

DE MOI makes beauty products under the principle of contributing to the betterment of the world. We all want to look and feel good and a large part of that emanates from within us. DE MOI makes products that will help people look good and feel good about themselves — making them confident about spreading good vibes all around.

DE MOI makes products with a heart. Every item manufactured by the brand is sure to have social relevance because of the moral ideologies that the brand possesses. Every product is crafted by a group of people who share Demee Koch’s values and passion complemented with science to make safe and eco-friendly products.

So, wear those heels and DE MOI’s amazing products and make the world a better place by spreading beauty, power, confidence and love all around!