DE MOI® Bio Serum: Lash + Brows best applied during the evening on the clean (freshly washed) eyelid and eyebrows. For eyebrows, apply very generously on the Bald spots and on the area where you want to improve hair texture and length. For eyelashes, apply very thinly on the skin just above the lash line like eyeliner (upper and lower if you want to improve the volume and length of both). Make sure that the skin is properly moisturized by the serum.
From the beginning, we advise you to apply daily for 6 weeks straight. After that, you may apply it every other day continuously for maintenance.

Yes because we have an eyelash and eyebrow cycle. Our serum serves as like a vitamins or nutrition that accelerates and increases eyelash and eyebrow growth.

The visible result will stay until your own lashes start its natural cycle of shedding and regrowth.

The product works, GUARANTEED but it is important to understand that each individual have different natural base and have different reaction to the product. Some reacts strongly, some just normal.

Not necessarily. The 4-6 weeks you should see visible results but as per our numerous client’s feedback, their lashes and brows continued to improve with time.

YES definitely! In fact we highly recommend it to women with Eyelash extensions to make sure you keep your natural lashes healthy and help it grow stronger and longer. The stronger and the more the natural lashes, the more volume you can put and better the Eyelash Extensions will look. PLEASE NOTE The formula is very potent so please follow application instructions religiously. Avoid any contact of the serum with the eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, immediately rinse with water.

The formula is very potent, please follow application instructions properly and avoid any contact of the serum with the eyes. Please remove contact lenses prior to application. Discontinue treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and in case you have eye disease. Kindly take note that there are remote cases of allergic reactions. In case of an allergic reaction, discontinue use, and consult a Physician. People with very sensitive and dry eyes may experience temporary redness and slight burning sensation and swelling. If manageable, continue application every 2-3 days. If not please discontinue using it.

DE MOI® Bio Serum: Lash + Brows has been proven to stimulate the body’s own eyelashes and eyebrows growth. Due to our revolutionary ingredients and the patented active formula, amazing results can be achieved in minimum time. Results are visible starting 2 weeks (some even within 1 week) of consistent application.

Yes this can happen to people with sensitive skin. The redness came from the increased blood flow around the area. Increase blood flow is essential in the eyelash and eyebrow growth.

Yes please stop using it. If you are willing to try again, wait until the swelling goes down (minimum 3-5 days later depending on the degree of swelling), apply very little amount and see how you feel. If swelling persist, please refrain from using it.

Some swelling due to the potency of the formula. As per our knowledge, they overcame the swelling part and are extremely happy with the results.

As we explain in our postcard insert, this formula is VERY POTENT that is why it works wonders.

As per our collaborating Pharma Producer, no known bad side effects. It should only bring positive input because our patented active formula OM24 is clinically proven, in vivo and in vitro to protect, repair, and help regenerate cells.

Yes we are 100% Swiss Made. We are formulated, produced and packaged in Switzerland.

It contains ingredients that are developed without animal testing.

DE MOI® is a brand that sincerely came from passion in making a difference, creating results oriented and honest products that are environmentally and animal friendly and gives back to society. Our founder DE MOI, has a proven track record in doing hands on charity since she had her first job in 2001 and has since continuously grown her projects.

We have diverse small but timely and sustainable social projects ( education, medical mission and coastal clean up programs) in collaboration with multiple hands on charity organizations mainly in the Philippines. We also work with big charity organizations like Kiwanis International. Please visit our website for updates.