Conscious Consumerism In the Beauty Industry: What do you care about?

Conscious Consumerism In the Beauty Industry: What do you care about?

Conscious beauty is exactly what it sounds like; It’s the mindful act of choosing products that reflect your wants, needs, and, most importantly, your morale. All too frequently we forget the impact that our choices have on the environment around us, causing us to mindlessly support brands and businesses that could care less about our health; let alone the wellness of the entire planet.  

Saving the world sounds dramatic, but that’s truthfully what you’re doing when choosing to shop consciously. Are you interested in avenging the planet? Keep reading as I explain a few sectors of conscious beauty consumerism and armor you up for the battle against unethical beauty brands!

1.) Cruelty-Free Products 

Being conscious of the products you use isn’t just to protect the human race but also our furry friends! Aside from animal testing simply being sadistic, we now live in an age where it is completely unnecessary as well. Many conscious companies made the switch to more effective technology years ago and test products using computer models, cultured cell tissues, and in vitro testing. The only benefit of animal testing is the cost-effectiveness of it, and this says a lot about huge brands that still choose to take part in it. 

2.) Natural/Vegan Products 

Opting for natural or vegan options is safer for both your body and your planet. While vegan options provide more vitamins and antioxidants, they also save lives by reducing animal testing and help the environment by reducing plastic waste. These products must contain at least 95% of raw materials and cannot include any ingredients derived by animals, making any vegan product much more of a pretty safe bet anyway. 

3.) Sustainable Products

Sustainable beauty products are items that leave little to no impact on the environment from the moment its manufacturer to the moment it’s tossed out. For this reason, many sustainable products and companies rely on recycled packaging and cruelty-free, natural ingredients. It’s also a great cause to contribute to considering most sustainable companies offer better treatment and more opportunities to their workers. It truly is a win-win for everyone!

4.) Health Conscious Products

Am I the only one that forgets skin is like a sponge? It’s important to take note of the chemicals and products you’re using because, frankly, absorbing is inevitable. When harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde (cancer-causing agent) and cyclical silicones (which are bio-accumulative) enter our pores they can easily result in damage done to both our skin and our aquatic systems. Besides, there are over 7,000 safe cosmetic ingredients and countless health-conscious brands; does the company willing to inject you with formaldehyde really deserve your hard-earned cash? 

It’s important to not only speak on your moral compass but follow it actively in your day-to-day life. When mindfulness is applied to daily consumerism it unlocks a level of control that we, as consumers, forget we ever had to begin with. It’s a beautiful thing to not only know the world that you’re living in but to also contribute to it in a way that allows you to express your values. It’s time to ask yourself “What do I care about?”.

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